SendClipboard Lizenz


With SendClipboard, among other things, the text from the clipboard can be entered in the corresponding text field using a shortcut, even if pasting is not possible via the clipboard.


You have to log in to Windows login with VNC, but CTRL + V does not work at this point? Or is the clipboard deactivated for remote maintenance? Or the URL for the necessary download cannot be copied to remote maintenance? Do you have to enter all of this now?
No! SendClipboard can be used to copy the text from the clipboard into the corresponding text field. No clipboard functions are used to paste the text. This is also possible if pasting from the clipboard is blocked or not possible. You can define the shortcut used for this yourself.

– freely definable shortcuts
– Pasting text from the clipboard, even in places where pasting from the clipboard is deactivated
– Insertion of predefined text
– Starting programs or scripts

One license is required for each user.

You can find the program download here. 


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